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SPECIAL - Monday September 3, 2018 Mass 8:00 am - Church & Offices closed thereafter for the day

The picture shows a copy of a cast-iron stove plate made around 1700 probably on the Freusburg in Siegerland with the inscription "Ora et labora". The plate shows the way of iron extraction and processing: top right is the chapel for prayer, where the workers go before the beginning of their work shift, top left is the charcoal kiln and the mine. The mines are conveyed with a reel and driven to the blast furnace (bottom right) and processed. On the bottom left, the processing takes place under the tail hammers of the ironworks.  Note the metaphor of the workers work in the earth on the top left and the place of the Work of God on a hill reaching to heaven on the top right.  Larger image.

On Monday, September 3, Mass will be celebrated at 8:00 am. Morning prayer at 7:30 am.

After Mass at 8:00 am, for the rest of Monday, the Abbey Church and offices will be closed in observance of Labor Day.

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Saint Leo Abbey Communications
Telephone: 352-588-8181 (Liturgy Office)

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